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Aspects of Personality
Aspects of an individual's Personality

1. The Mental Aspect

The mental aspect of an individual refers to his intellectual capacity. How a person talks, the range of ideas he expresses, and the things  he talks about, as well as his values and mental alertness give evidence of  his mental capacity. The mental aspects depend upon the intelligence. Also the better the education, the better the personality.

2. The Emotional Aspect

A person's Emotional make up is shown in his likes and dislikes, whether he is aggressive  or docile, how he respond when things become difficult, how quickly he is given  to anger, or whether he can take a job or not.

3. The Social Aspect

This is seen in how well a person  conducts himself with other people and how well he observes the rules of etiquette that govern society.

4. Physical Aspect

Heredity and environment determine the entire physiological system of an individual. Posture, body build and size, complexion an facial expressions, as well as the appropriateness and condition of clothes, comprise the physical appearance of a person. The physical aspect has a lot to do with personality.

5. The Moral Aspect

This aspect of personality has to do with a person's awareness of the difference between what is wrong or right.

6. The Spiritual Aspect

People are generally religious but they differ in what they worship and how they worship. From the moral lecturers they hear from their respective leaders, priest, or pastors, they acquire knowledge of the teachings of their Creator that guides the lives of men. The spiritual aspect is the consciousness of the higher values in life. Religion expresses spiritual value. 
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