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What is Leadership?
The definition of leadership:

What is Leadership?

 "Leadership is influence " by John Maxwell.
 "Leadership is the ability to obtain followers" by James C. Georges.

Note: leadership is not the ability to achieve a position, but to get followers.

Insights About Influence

1. Everyone influences someone

Sociologist tells us that even the most introverted person can influence ten thousand other   people during his/her lifetime!
Each one of us both influencing and being influenced by others.

2. We never know who or how much we influence.

Every one of us exerts influence, either to heal, to bless, to leave marks of beauty or to wound, to hurt, to poison ,to stain other lives.

3. The best investment in the future is a proper influence today.

The issue is not wether you influence someone but what kind of influencer will you be. proper influence will help you make a difference tomorrow by becoming a better leader today. "The truth is that leadership opportunities today are in demand and urgent"

4. Influence is a skill that can be developed.

Robert dilenschneider, the CEO of hill and knowlton are worldwide public relations agency is one of the nation's major influence brokers.  recently he wrote a book entitled "Power and influence" in which he shares the idea of the "Power triangle" to help leaders get develop. he says,"The three components of this triangle are communication, recognition, and influenceyou start to communicate effectively. this leads to recognition and recognition in turn leads to influence
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